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Sunday, November 3, 2019

"Flesh Machine: The Story" - first (very rough) draft completed

The 'meat' (fortunate choice of words) of all the chapters of my new book "Flesh Machine: The Story" has now been fleshed out (another fortunate choice of words, amazing!).

I've chosen the book to be printed (when it gets to that stage) in a smaller format this time, 5 x 8 inches. Fits in the pocket (still a really, really large pocket) and is easier to conceal from people who you don't want to know what kind of obscenities you're reading. And besides - all of the most popular and the most unpopular books are printed (or re-printed) in pocket-size formats (with my book being a contender in the latter category). Either way - small books make for wonderful provisional coasters, door wedges and anti-rabid-dog self-defense weapons. This I say from experience.

The page count stands at 193 pages now, which is likely to change a bit as I now need to align the story, expand or shorten where needed.

After that comes the long process of proofreading, correcting and then proofreading again and then checking the layout and then proofreading again and then submitting to Amazon - and checking the layout and proofreading again - I think you get the picture...

Here is a photograph of my ‘travel notebook’ – the pieces of story in the making (typically on long bus rides to and from work):

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